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Lady Caroline Spay fly!


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By Glen Dayton!!

Photo: Fly Fishing the Moira river

Photo By Glen Dayton                         

Product for Fly Fishing and Fly Tying

There is a good selection of Fly Tying and Fishing product in stock with the ability to order in.




 photos from hareline inc.

Flies Tied By Glen Dayton

Al types of flies, some can be done upon request. Some are tied up ahead of time!

Trout Drys, Nymphs, Wets, Streamers, Stones & More.

Bass Pike & muskie Deer Hair, Poppers, Sliders, Snakes, Leeches, Frogs, Mice, Cray Fish, Streamers & More

Salmon & Steel Head

Jigs, Leaders, Stringer hooks & More!

There is over 90 Feet of Tying material, and more coming in all the time!!

As well as selection of Fly Fishing Supplies!

My Slogan

Dubbin hair and feathers, Tying flies is what I do the best!!! 

Just don't stop Tying!!!!!!